Create JWT

Elastos DID can create a Builder object of JWT from the DID document and transparently sign JWT with DID’s key through this Builder object.

Example of creating JWT:

let store: DIDStore // an opened DIDStore instance
let storePasswd = "secret"
let did = try DID("did:elastos:imxZBD88s7i7sR2RdKd6YTHB72kCyMAsFd")
let userCalendar = Calendar.current
let components = DateComponents()
components.year = 2020
components.month = 9 = 14
components.minute = 21
components.hour = 21
components.second = 41
let iat = components)
// Get the DIDDocument
let doc = try store.loadDid(did)
// Create JwtBuilder with the DID
JwtBuilder builder = try doc.jwtBuilder()
// Create a signed token
let token = builder.addHeader(key: Header.TYPE, value: Header.JWT_TYPE)
				.addHeader(key: Header.CONTENT_TYPE, value: "json")
				.addHeader(key: "version", value: "1.0")
				.setSubject(sub: "demo")
				.setId(id: "e3dcc871625955d01d83d9b6edf20b8a")
				.setAudience(audience: "did:elastos:igyq8SV5RT33HVqgCTCGU48u2pfnyH4XMn")
				.setIssuedAt(issuedAt: iat)
				.setExpiration(expiration: exp)
				.setNotBefore(nbf: nbf)
				.claim(name: "foo", value: "bar")
				.sign(using: storePasswd)

The JWT generated in the above example is a token signed and serialized by DID did:elastos:imxZBD88s7i7sR2RdKd6YTHB72kCyMAsFd.

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