Modify and update the DID Document

DIDDocument is a sealed object which cannot be directly modified. The DID SDK provides a mechanism to modify the DID document. According to this mechanism, we can create a modifiable copy based on the original document, modify, and re-sign this document to generate a new document instance. The DID controller can update the DID document by publishing it in the updated mode - see Publish DID for the detailed publishing process.

In the implementation of Swift SDK, the editing of DID documents is realized through the DIDDocumentBuilder object. The reference example is as follows:

let store: DIDStore = ... // an opened DIDStore instance
let storePasswd = "secret"
let did = try DID("did:elastos:ihmtZkypEiJZHv7sKBXmkHQDYVPp1ACgkZ")
// Get the existing DIDDocument
let doc = try store.loadDid(did)
// Create document builder and a copy for editing
let db = doc.editing()
// Do some modification on the document
db.addService("#vcr", "CredentialRepositoryService",
// ...
// other modifications
// Seal the document
let newDoc = db.seal(using: storePasswd)

The customized DID can be edited in a similar way, but only the valid controller of DID can edit the document. After editing the multi-signed DID, a process similar to that of a multi-signed customized DID should be created and adopted to sign the DIDdocument.

DIDDocumentBuilder offers a series of methods to modify and manage the content of DID documents.

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