Create DID and DIDDocument

As two different representations of the same object, DID and DIDDocument are created at the same time - ordinary DIDs are created from RootIdentity. See the RootIdentity document for the method of creating DIDs from RootIdentity.

From RootIdentity

// STORE-PASSWORD用于本地一些数据加密的密码
let document = try identity.newDid("STORE-PASSWORD")
// 获取subject
let subject = document.subject
// 获取contollers
let contollers = document.contollers()

Import DIDDocument

// 从路径加载document
let contollers = DIDDocument.convertToDIDDocument(fromFileAtPath: "YOUR-FILE-PATH-STRING")
// 从路径URL获取
let contollers = DIDDocument.convertToDIDDocument(fromUrl: URLPath)

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