Package the Credentials as Presentation for the Selective Disclosure Request

Verifiable presentation refers to a data set containing a subset of verifiable credentials and countersign of an entity, which is used to show the identity to a third party.

Verifiable presentation can also be an empty presentation entity rather than include any verifiable credential.


//DID has two 'TwitterCredential' and 'PassportCredential' credentials to package
let pb = await VerifiablePresentation.createFor(doc.getSubject(), null, store);
let vp = await pb
// to use presentation
... ... ... ...


public static async createFor(
	did: DID | string,
	signKey: DIDURL | string | null,
	store: DIDStore
): Promise<VerifiablePresentation.Builder>;

This method gets the builder object to generate the presentation of the specified DID.

did is the owner of the presentation; signKey is the authentication key for the owner of the presentation to sign and encapsulate the presentation.

public credentials(...credentials: VerifiableCredential[]): Builder;

This method applies to adding VerifiableCredential.

public realm(realm: string): Builder;

VerifiablePresentation.Builder provides a method to set realm, which indicates the applicable domain and address of this presentation.

public nonce(nonce: string): Builder;

VerifiablePresentation.Builder provides a method to set nonce, which is a random value used by the sign action.

public async seal(storepass: string): Promise<VerifiablePresentation>;

VerifiablePresentation.Builder provides the encapsulation method, which finally obtains the VerifiablePresentation.

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