⚡Key Features

To understand how we're making a difference in Web3, it's critical to learn about the key features that set Elastos apart from the rest and power our blockchain.

Open-Source 🌐

We're a platform run by the community where anyone can help build and contribute to the underlying code, maintaining the core belief of an inclusive Web3 environment.

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Hashrate 🔋

The Elastos Mainchain is completely decentralized by Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Cash hashrate. Given that we have an open-source blockchain that's supported by a global network of mining pools, miners don't need to deploy additional resources.

Elastos Smart Contract Chain (ESC) ⛓ī¸

Smart contracts written in the Solidity language can be developed and deployed on our sidechain. The ESC is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible network that utilized a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism that's more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Data Ownership ℹī¸

By leveraging and interacting with our platform, users can create their very own DIDs that allow them to store all of their personal data that exists on Web3. This means they have complete control of their information and can choose who they want to (and don't want to) share it with.

Sidechain Scalability đŸĒœ

Our DPoS Supernode network can be extended and provide consensus to various different sidechains, ultimately meaning that our entire network can horizontally scale with ease.

Decentralized 👍

Blockchain, identity, storage, and other key components work in harmony on our decentralized network. Developers can build and deploy their very own dApps, where users can interact with them while owning their own data.

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