📆History of Elastos

Since its inception, the internet was a place where individuals could interact and share data in a decentralized way, promoting newfound borderless freedom and connectivity. However, as the internet continued to evolve, corporations and organizations began to develop applications to store and collect private user data, taking advantage of the economic opportunities associated with such activities.

As such, users became vulnerable to bad actors who could compromise or maintain control of their personal data and information, which was constantly being shared and sold to other third parties for a variety of purposes.

The idea behind Elastos came to fruition in 2017, founded by Rong Chen in an effort to create a new era of the internet aimed at providing full decentralization, security, and ownership of digital assets, restoring balance to what it was originally meant to be - a truly free and private ecosystem. Our vision was to enable access to digital property rights on a global scale and allow for seamless communication across networks, which still stays true to this day.

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