Hive is an open decentralized data memory network that encourages individuals and institutions to participate in its construction and deployment, while also welcoming users to participate in the experience to access personal data.

From the developer's point of view, the current Hive operation structure is divided into:

  • Hive Node as backend service

  • Hive SDKs as frontend SDKs

All Hive Nodes constitute this Hive memory network, and developers access application data by integrating Hive SDK in applications.

Hive SDK currently supports SDKs in the following languages:

  • Java

  • Swift

  • Javascript

Each language version of SDK introduces how to use them in the following structure:

  • Introduction

  • Build & Install

  • Developer Guides

  • API Reference

Among them, Build & Install guides users how to integrate SDKs in applications, as well as compile and deploy applications, while Developer Guides shows sample codes of main feature interfaces. Finally, API Reference contains all API interface documents for users’ reference when developing.

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